Local culture and territories are manifested in traditional food processes.

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On 19 June, the third year ESO students of IES Campanar, participants in the Erasmus Plus project "LOFI", organised a gastronomic day for all their classmates under the title "L'Esmorzaret Valencià" ("The Valencian Lunch"). To prepare the event, the students interviewed elderly people from the pensioners' centre near the school, and visited the oldest bars in the neighbourhood, where this traditional lunch is still held. "L'Esmorzaret valencià", has its roots in agricultural work, when farmers used

In autumn 2022, we held in Perugia the first intercultural and intergenerational meeting to share food, experiences and traditional knowledge from different countries and regions (Costa d'Avorio, Morocco, Ecuador, Syria). In this meeting we worked with the graphic recording technique to record this knowledge, testing with different artistic tools to collect and dynamize this educational experience.

Developed from experience gained over generations and extremely well-adapted to the local culture and environment, food-related traditional knowledge tends to be collectively owned and mainly relies on oral channel transmission. In our fast-moving and globally-connected present, traditional knowledge may seem an old-fashioned set of practices and ideas, relegated to the local folklore and preserved almost exclusively  by elders.  While, again in our intercultural present, we count with tons of traditional knowledge throughout the world oriented to

Starting a new collective project is always exciting. Even more so when it involves eight international partners from different fields of education. Last spring, the partners of the Lo-Fi project started face-to-face the project for the generation of tools for the recovery of traditional knowledge associated with food production and transformation. The Campanar Institute in Valencia (@iescampanar) and the Piter Jelles Leeuwarder Lyceum (@leeuwarderlyceum) in the Netherlands contribute with their know-how as education partners within Lo-fi