Local culture and territories are manifested in traditional food processes.

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Food experiences #esmorzaret valencià

On 19 June, the third year ESO students of IES Campanar, participants in the Erasmus Plus project «LOFI», organised a gastronomic day for all their classmates under the title «L’Esmorzaret Valencià» («The Valencian Lunch»).

To prepare the event, the students interviewed elderly people from the pensioners’ centre near the school, and visited the oldest bars in the neighbourhood, where this traditional lunch is still held. «L’Esmorzaret valencià», has its roots in agricultural work, when farmers used to stop at midday to eat homemade products, prepared by the family or bought in local shops.

The information obtained from this research was added to the presentation prepared to explain the LOFI project to their colleagues.

The weekend before 19 June, Monday, the pupils bought the products in traditional establishments in the neighbourhood and cooked them for the gastronomic day.

Finally, on Monday, classes broke up at 11:15am. The participating students explained to their classmates what the LOFI project consisted of, their experience of mobility in Peruggia, and the «Esmorzaret valencià». Afterwards, they went down to the playground, where they played traditional games for an hour, and, finally, they proceeded to have lunch together.

It was a wonderful day of coexistence under the nexus of local gastronomy.