Local culture and territories are manifested in traditional food processes.

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2. SDGs

Traditional food processes


2. SDGs

Welcome to the the engaging activity titled «Every Plate Tells A Story!» This activity serves as an introduction to the intersection of Food and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In this section, we navigate the essential connection between sustainable food systems and the broader framework of SDGs. «Every Plate Tells A Story!» offers valuable insights into how our food choices, production methods, and consumption patterns can align with the global commitment to achieving sustainable development.

Through this activity, participants will explore the intricate relationship between food and key SDGs, understanding how our everyday choices contribute to broader societal and environmental goals. The guidance provided here aims to enhance the learning experience, fostering a deeper understanding of the critical role that sustainable food systems play in achieving a more equitable and sustainable future for all.

Let’s embark on this journey where every plate becomes a narrative contributing to a world that reflects the values and aspirations outlined in the Sustainable Development Goals.