Local culture and territories are manifested in traditional food processes.

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Music & Sounds

Traditional food processes


Music & Sounds

Together with education, culture is the backbone of human development. Yet culture is underestimated as a tool for solving social problems. Culture revolves around our humanity and can therefore help to initiate necessary changes or make them more socially accepted. Educational institutions can approach themes such as food production artistically and thus put them on the agenda and reach their students in a creative and playful way. Unique to culture is its imagination. She is able to touch, confront and inspire both the head and the heart.

Culture can create support for change and bring about behavioral change. The aim of this music module is to make themes such as food production widely accessible and tangible.

In this LOFI Module on Music & Sounds we get creative with a ‘soundtrack’ for short stop motion videos made by other students. The first ideas will arise based on the basic idea or images. What choices can be made in style and instrumentation, where is the space for music and sounds, how do you ensure unity and how do you start?

Film, sound and music are inextricably linked. When you think of sound/music in film, you quickly think of the music and dialogue. But many sound effects and sounds are also added to films. You perceive them less consciously, but they are indispensable for the impact of the scenes/images.

Some students may be able to play instruments, some may be good at collecting sounds or be technically adept at editing, there is plenty of inspiration and things to do for everyone!